Soft Drink Face Off

  • Battle of the Fizz

    When it comes to deciding on which drink you want to enjoy your meal with, it’s very difficult to choose. Especially when you have two that are very similar. Coca Cola or Pepsi, a long debate and rivalry before time itself. Just like when it comes to deciding which online casino you want to play, either golden tiger casino, Luxury Casino Canada, or Luxury Casino Japan – ラグジュアリーカジノ ジャパン. When it comes to flavor, 9 times out of 10, regular soda drinks will tell you the biggest difference is that Pepsi is sweeter. Not surprising when Pepsi holds 2 more grams of sugar than Coke does in the standard can (41 grams of sugar versus 39 grams of sugar). You’ll find that many people prefer Pepsi when asked which can of fizz is their favorite. Regardless of this, Coca Cola has the largest market share, making it the world’s most popular caffeinated soft drink. So to sum it all up, fan favorite would be Pepsi, but sales numbers goes to Coca Cola, earning Coca Cola the top drink spot in this battle.